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Ear Stud SINA

Diamonds, Sold separately
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Description & Details
Your jewelry box should not be without our delightful stud earring, SINA. A radiant, white diamond in a refined baguette-cut is held by a unique set of prongs that help to define SINA's one-of-a-kind shape. Whether worn as a discreet standalone piece or a stud for your second or third piercing, this earring is a timeless charm that is sure to add some serious sparkle to your ear candy.
Diamond cut: Emerald Cut
Carat: approx. 0.12
Diamond Color: G/H
Diamond Clarity: SI
Dimensions: 3.4x4.2mm
Band length:
Chain length:
Length adjustable:
Maximum length:
Minimum length:
Care instructions
Your ANNA jewelry is authentic, superior quality fine jewelry meant to accompany you on all your daily adventures. However, if you’d like your ANNA jewelry to sustain its sparkle, providing sporadic to regular care may be necessary. We share with you a few of our most essential care tips and how best to store your jewelry below:

ANNA gold jewelry is fabricated from superior 18 karat rose and white gold. Perspiration and additional external agents can yellow the character of the copper content in rose gold. Gold plating in our workshop can restore your jewelry to its original splendor, and even white gold with a dull, flat appearance can once again glimmer and glow.

Being the hardest of all precious stones, diamonds have a reputation for being king of all gemstones into eternity. Nevertheless, hard impact or severe temperature changes may cause a diamond to crack, splinter, or break entirely. It’s best to take off your diamond studded jewelry when doing housework or exercising. Household cleaners and creams have been known to additionally reduce its luster. An ultrasonic cleaning at one of our stores is the best way to rejuvenate your diamond jewelry and return its original luster and shine.
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