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Which shipping options are available at ANNA? Which countries are included in ANNA’s shipping destinations? How can I track my order? How are orders packed at ANNA?


Can I return/ exchange a product at ANNA? How can I exchange or return an item purchased at an ANNA Store? How can I return an item from my online or telesales order from ANNA? Can I return items purchased online at a physical ANNA location? What is the return/exchange period? Will I get my money back after a return? What are the terms and conditions of returning an item?

Information about contractor and security


Contractor is WENNA GmbH, Plankengasse 3, 1010 Vienna.

You can find more detailed information about our shipping partner under the menu item "Shipping options".

Assignment is made by ANNA Inspiring Jewellery, Seilergasse 19, 1010 Vienna.

Personal information and security

We store, process and use the personal data you provide on the order form in order to carry out the order. We only pass on some of this data to the transport companies commissioned by us to process the order. You can find our privacy policy here hier.


The prices shown include VAT at 20% and do not include shipping costs. These are listed separately and correspond to the values ​​mentioned above.


How can I order an item? Can I pick up an online order at a physical ANNA location? Can I cancel or change my online order? Can I have my online order gift-wrapped? Can I order an item that is sold out online (Single Order)? How long do personalized items require?

Payment Methods

Which payment methods are available?

Gift Cards

How can I purchase a gift card online? How can I redeem my gift card? How long are gift cards valid after a purchase?

Voucher Codes

How can I redeem my discount code? Where can I see my active discount codes? I have not received my discount code. What should I do now?

Products & Quality

What materials are the products at ANNA made of? Are ANNA materials conflict-free? Where are the products fabricated? Are ANNA diamonds certified? How do I best care for my ANNA jewelry? Can I go into the water with my ANNA jewelry? What does "blackened" mean for some ANNA products? How can I measure my ring size?

Services & Specials

How and where can I have my bracelet changed? Can I have a band change done on a third-party product? Can I have more than one plate threaded onto a ribbon? My jewelry is broken. Can I have it repaired at ANNA? How long does it take to have my jewelry repaired? Can I have a third-party product repaired at ANNA? Can I have my jewelry cleaned at ANNA? Can I have a piece of jewelry engraved later? Can I have an engraving reversed? Can I have a "special engraving" done? Can I have any piece of jewelry engraved? Can I make my necklace longer? Can I have a pendant added to my necklace later? Can I enlarge or reduce the size of my ring? Can I have diamonds added to my ring later? Can I have a piece of jewelry that is not from ANNA redone at ANNA? Can I design a piece of jewelry myself and have it made at ANNA? Can I have my purchase gift wrapped? Can I have my purchase wrapped so the ANNA logo is not visible from the outside?

ANNAVERSE - the members only club

How do I become a part of the ANNAVERSE? How do I receive my welcome bonus? Do I have to make a minimum sales to participate in the ANNAVERSE? Are there any additional costs if I want to become a part of the ANNAVERSE? How do I collect/ get ANNA stars? How can I reach the next level and receive even more benefits? How do I know which level of the ANNAVERSE I am currently in and how many stars I am missing for the next one? How long do I keep my status? Where can I see my current coupons and benefits? How do I know when a new voucher or benefit is available to me? How long are my vouchers valid? How can I redeem my vouchers? Will I get a voucher refunded if I return something? Can I terminate my participation in ANNAVERSE at any time and free of charge? Can I rejoin the ANNAVERSE after I have unsubscribed? How can I log in to my customer account online? Can I have a purchase added to my customer account if I’ve forgotten to log in or attach it to my customer account?

ANNA Ambassador Referral-Link

What exactly is an ANNA Ambassador? How do I become an ANNA Ambassador and get a referral link? What does "Referral Link" mean? Where can I find my Referral Link? How can I send my Referral Link? How long is my Referral Link valid after I send it? How do I know if someone has used my Referral Link? Can I send my Referral Link as often as I want? I would like to recommend a certain ANNA product to my friend. How can I send a Referral Link? What does "ANNA Coins" mean? Where can I see my current ANNA Coins? How do I receive/collect ANNA Coins? How many ANNA Coins do I receive when someone buys something through my link? Will I receive ANNA Coins for each product purchased through my link? What exactly can I do with my ANNA Coins? How do I redeem my ANNA Coins? Can I redeem only a portion of my ANNA Coins? What does "in preparation" mean for the ANNA Coins? How long are my ANNA Coins valid? How long is the voucher that I receive upon redeeming my ANNA Coins valid? What is the value of 1 ANNA Coin?


Do I require an appointment if I want to visit an ANNA store? Can I make a personal appointment at an ANNA store? Where can I find the opening hours of each ANNA store? Can I also buy the ANNA dolls from the ANNA stores? Can I buy the pictures in the ANNA stores? Can I have a band exchange done directly at an ANNA store? Is engraving done directly in the ANNA Store? Can I have my jewelry cleaned directly at an ANNA shop?

Careers at ANNA

I would like to work at ANNA. Where can I find the available positions? I would like to work at ANNA, but no suitable position is advertised. Can I make an unsolicited application? Does ANNA offer internships or apprenticeships?