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The story of ANNA began in 2009 with a big dream in a small store in the heart of Vienna. Today, some years and locations later, our jewelry is made with love and dedication at our in-house workshop, still located in the city of dreams. But who is ANNA? Entrepreneur, visionary, girlboss and above all, a passionate designer. With her inexhaustible creativity, great attention to detail, and uncompromising demand for quality, Anna decided to follow her dream and founded her own jewelry brand - the achievement closest to her heart: ANNA. Located in eight stores across Europe and one in NYC, ANNA and the eponymous brand have always managed to create magnificent pieces brimming with positive vibes, the defining aspect of the ANNA spirit. Enter the ANNAverse where dreams become reality and love, joy, positivity, devotion, and friendship are all embodied in each one of the lady herself's unique and stunning charms!

The concept

Whether Vienna, Munich, London or New York City: anyone who has ever been to one of our ANNA stores will never forget it. Despite a consistent store concept, each of the locations shine through unique pieces of furniture and details, which give its very individual character. The regularly redesigned storefronts are considered to be the most beautiful ones of the city. Our famous ANNA Dolls carry handmade tutu dresses and underline the playful and yet elegant spirit of the brand. The look of the ANNA Girls is also well known: simple uniforms, romantic braided hairstyles, red lips and always a smile.

Anna Inspiring Jewellery

ANNA Inspiring Jewellery is made with great care and love in our Viennese workshop. The highest quality and valuable materials occupy the center stage. But there is something else that makes the pieces endlessly precious: messages of love, happiness, hope and strength that are expressed through the form of the jewelry or an engraving. In order to make these messages even more clear, some pieces can be personalized. And for all those who want even more happiness, ANNA Inspiring Jewellery also offers lifestyle products such as ANNA bags and its very own ANNA perfume.


Anna Haute Jewellery

The designs for the individual pieces and custom-made products from ANNA Haute Jewellery are brought to life in artful handmade work in Vienna. Only unique diamonds, pearls and high-quality gems are processed. Particular attention is paid to the interplay of matt and smooth surfaces, the facets of the diamonds and a special processing technique, which creates antique effects. The inspiration for these extraordinary pieces finds Anna in the unique charm of her electoral home city of Vienna and in her unfraternal faith in the power of happiness. The exclusive pieces by ANNA Haute Jewellery will be presented at the stores at the Wiener Kohlmarkt and in the store in New York City.