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Precious Materials

At the core of our philosophy lies a commitment to high-quality precious metals and gemstones, thereby ensuring the impeccable quality and longevity of every single piece of our jewelry. We use only the finest precious metals such as 18 KT gold, platinum and 925 sterling silver. Our selection of gemstones is meticulously chosen and cut to the highest standards to achieve maximum brilliance and beauty. We create jewelry pieces that are not only timeless but also express individual style at the forefront of fashion.


Since the beginning of ANNA, we have been sourcing our gold from our LBMA-certified supplier. To obtain this certificate - Responsible Gold Certificate awarded by the London Bullion Market Association - a guaranteed, transparent traceability of the gold-bearing material back to its origin is required. This ensures that no gold from high-risk areas is processed in our workshop. Two values that have priority in the manufacture of our products are reliability and trust.

The LBMA certification proves that we, together with our supplier, support international efforts to prevent human rights violations with precious metal transactions and the financing of terrorist activities. The transparency of the supply chain according to the most modern guidelines strengthens customer confidence. All "Made in Vienna" jewelry pieces from ANNA contain conflict-free gold. Their origin can be traced back to the absolute origin.

925 Sterling Silver

The high-quality 925 Sterling Silver in our jewelry pieces consists of 92.5% pure silver and 7.5% other alloy metals. This careful alloying allows us to produce pieces of the highest quality that are both sturdy and elegant. With its timeless radiance, our 925 Sterling Silver provides the ideal foundation for personalized engravings.

Styling Tip:

Silver jewelry pairs well with other materials such as yellow gold or rose gold to create interesting and contrasting looks. Silver can be worn by individuals of all skin types since its tone is considered to be universal and neutral - the choice ultimately depends on your personal preference.

Proper care:

To properly care for your silver jewelry and prevent tarnishing, you should use gentle cleaning methods. After each use, wipe the jewelry piece carefully with a soft cloth to remove any residues. Be mindful to avoid contact with chemicals such as perfume or hairspray as they can damage the silver. For an extra shine boost, we recommend special silver polishing cloths. To keep your jewelry looking beautiful for a long time, store it separately in a jewelry box or a soft pouch to avoid scratches.

18 KT Gold

We only use premium 18 KT Gold in our jewelry, crafted from 75% pure 24 KT Gold and 25% other alloy metals, which influence the toughness and color of the gold. This results in different gold tones: 18 KT Rose Gold, 18 KT Yellow Gold, & 18 KT White Gold. Compared to 24 KT pure gold, 18 karat gold is harder and more resistant to scratches and deformations, thereby making it the perfect material for setting diamonds.

Styling Tip:

Combining different gold tones has long ceased to be a taboo! Individuals with warm undertones often look particularly good in yellow gold. Cooler skin types can perfectly wear white gold pieces. On the other hand, rose gold suits both cooler and warmer skin types and therefore enjoys special popularity. But remember, in this case as well, your own taste counts the most and it's about what you prefer.

Proper care:

Over time, your gold jewelry may change its color tone due to transpiration and external factors. For example, rose gold may become yellowish because of the loss of copper content, while white gold may lose its shine and appear dull. Professional cleaning and re-plating with gold in our workshop can restore your jewelry's shine. At home, you can clean your jewelry as needed with a gentle cleaning solution and then thoroughly dry it. Be mindful to store your gold jewelry separately to protect it from scratches.


We exclusively use 950 Platinum for wedding rings and engagement rings as this material is particularly suitable for jewelry pieces exposed to heavy wear. It consists of 95% pure platinum and 5% other alloy metals, which contribute to its unparalleled strength. The precisely balanced blending of alloys results in unparalleled durability, ensuring our jewelry stands the test of time while retaining its flawless beauty for years to come.

Styling Tip:

Platinum is a robust material that can be combined with many pieces of jewelry. Additionally, it is a versatile precious metal that suits all skin types. The hypoallergenic nature of platinum makes it a particularly suitable choice for individuals with sensitive skin, as it rarely triggers allergic reactions.

Proper care:

The proper care of platinum jewelry is crucial to maintain its beauty over time. Unlike white gold, you don't need to worry about discoloration with platinum jewelry, as it consists almost entirely of pure platinum. For cleaning, we recommend a gentle bath in lukewarm water with mild dish soap or soap for about 15 minutes. Afterwards, be sure to thoroughly dry your platinum jewelry. Professional cleaning and polishing can remove superficial scratches. The best way to avoid these is by storing your platinum jewelry separately in a jewelry box or pouch.