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Weltfrauentag 2024 - Interview mit ANNA

International Women's Day 2024 - Interview with ANNA

On International Women's Day, we celebrate the strength, courage, and tireless power of women. In an interview, ANNA, our founder, and designer, shares her thoughts on strong women, her inspirations and her journey to success and self-realization.Her words are a tribute to the women who have shaped her, as well as to the unwavering determination that empowers every woman to achieve her dreams. ...

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Weltfrauentag 2024 - Hintergrundwissen

International Women's Day 2024 - Insights

March 8th signifies more than a mere date on the calendar – it's a symbol of strength, resistance and progress for women worldwide. International Women's Day reminds us to honor the courageous women who laid the groundwork for the achievements we benefit from today. It's a day of female empowerment that encourages us to amplify women's voices, acknowledge their successes and celebrate women aro...

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Valentinstag - Hintergrundwissen

Valentine's Day - Background knowledge

February 14th, the day when hearts around the world beat in the rhythm of love - in all its facets! However, Valentine's Day is more than just a tribute to romantic relationships - we celebrate special friendships and all those connections that enrich our lives. But what is the real significance of this day, and why does it happen to fall on February 14th?

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Eine persönliche Nachricht von Herzen - von ANNA

A personal and heartfelt letter - from ANNA

Here's what I wish you...I would like to send you festive greetings from the bottom of my heart during this magical season. May your home glow with love, your heart gleam with joy, and the holidays be filled with happiness and warmth.

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Diamonds & Champagne: bei ANNA in St. Moritz

Diamonds & Champagne: at ANNA in St. Moritz

It's Apero o'clock: every Saturday during the winter main season 2023/24 at our ANNA Store ST. MORITZ. Come by for Diamonds & Champagne.

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Re-Opening ANNA Store MÜNCHEN Maximilianstraße

Reopening ANNA Store MUNICH Maximilianstraße

The splendor of a grand reopening. Munich celebrates an unforgettable evening in its new store. In the dazzling city of Munich, renowned for its art, culture, and culinary delights, a truly special street emerges. It is a place considered the undisputed epitome of luxury and elegance – Maximilianstraße.Right here, amidst the glamorous scene, stands one of our beloved ANNA Stores, recently reope...

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Exklusiv für ANNAVERSUM Members - ADVENT Specials

Exclusive for ANNAVERSE members - ADVENT Specials

Advent in the ANNAVERSE - the members only club! A new surprise every Sunday in Advent. These benefits are sure to fulfill some sparkling wishes from your Wishlist! We are giving away four very special benefits to every ANNAVERSE member during the Advent season from December 3rd to December 30th, 2023. Exclusively for members only!

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Blonde Frau in schwarzem Blazer und mit Halsketten starrt in Kamera


A reason to celebrate! ANNAVERSE members can look forward to a special benefit because BLACK FRIDAY is around the corner on November 24th, 2023 and right after that we start the CYBER WEEKEND at ANNA from November 25th until 27th, 2023. As a part of the ANNAVERSE - the members only club, you can expect a unique surprise that will definitely fulfill some of your wishes at ANNA.

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Special-Event: München - ANNA x The Uranian Approach

Special event: Munich - ANNA x The Uranian Approach

The official second ZODIAC event - this time in Munich.LET'S PLAY WITH THE STARS – has gone into its second round! Running with this theme, our ZODIAC event took place, this time on October 5, 2023, in Munich after a stop in Vienna in June. ANNA, in collaboration with The Uranian Approach, welcomed exclusive members of the ANNAVERSE to our ANNA Store MUNICH Sebastiansplatz. With astrologer Beri...

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