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Special Event: ANNA x The Uranian Approach

The first ZODIAC event in Vienna.

LET'S PLAY WITH THE STARS – a collaborative event between ANNA and L.A-based astrologer, Berit Freutel, took place in Vienna on June 20, 2023. We welcomed ANNAVERSE members to this exclusive event at the ANNA Store Vienna Kohlmarkt.

12 signs of the zodiac - 12 guests

Each customer received a personal ASTRO-READING via their own Birth Charts, during which their own astrological signature was discovered.

Involved were the so-called "BIG 3": SUN, MOON and ASCENDENT. The three signs that make up a large part of one's personality and represent valuable understanding of one's own being.

Among the selection of jewelry and lifestyle products was the highly anticipated ZODIAC Collection, which is dedicated to the individual uniqueness. On the front of ANNA's ZODIAC pendant sparkles the constellation of one's own zodiac sign, the SUN, which most of us are already familiar. The back is personalized and intended only for the wearer: Here the MOON and ASCENDENT are engraved. The Moon sign symbolizes all that is private and emotional, the "I" that very few people see. The Ascendant is our "social filter", it represents characteristics that are perceived by our environment and how we show ourselves to the outside world.

We would like to extend a big “thank you” to Berit Freutel, who traveled from L.A. for this event and gave our guests this unique experience. Berit brought this wonderful collaboration to life with us, creating the individual symbols and the "BIG 3" card set. Together, we plucked the stars from the sky in the form of the ZODIAC jewelry designed by ANNA.

An additional “thank you” to everyone for this successful evening, where we not only shared our joy together, but also became richer through personal insights.

Lots of Love, Your ANNA Team x The Uranian Approach