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Store Vienna Kohlmarkt

In the middle of the golden U's and on Vienna's most exclusive high street, you’ll find the ANNA store at Kohlmarkt - a magical place where jewellery dreams are a reality. In addition to the ANNA Inspiring Jewellery collection, a wide selection of exclusive ANNA Haute Jewellery pieces awaits you.

Opening hours

MON – FRI 11 am - 7 pm

Saturday 11 am - 6 pm


Kohlmarkt 11

1010 Vienna



+ 800 9366 2000

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Get to know each and every one of our magical ANNA employees at the Vienna Kohlmarkt store here. They tell you their favorite products, how they spread the ANNA spirit and also a little secret.

Sofiya, Store manager

ANNA expert: Haute Jewellery

That is me: Excellent advice and good humor, that's what I offer my customers. I’m an expert in ANNA Haute Jewellery, our most sophisticated collection. I love to enchant my customers with it. I am the synonym for positivity and believe you get back what you give.

A little secret about me: I have a USD 100 bill that I have been saving for years for my first time in NYC. I will use it to pay for the cab ride from the airport to our ANNA store in Manhattan.

Sofiyas Favourites

Earring LEONA

18 KT Rose Gold

Bracelet CELINE

18 KT Rose Gold

Necklace PAULA Emerald

18 KT Roségold


18 KT Roségold

Katarina, Sales Supervisor

ANNA expert: Earrings

That is me: I am a very sensitive person and have many years of experience in dealing with customers. I love making shopping at ANNA a very special experience for each and every one of my customers. Responding to every wish and making it come true, that is my goal.

A little secret about me: Fun is sarcasm - and sarcasm is fun!

Katarinas Favourites

Earring CLAIRE 11mm

18 KT Roségold

Pendant Atlantis

18 KT Rose Gold

Bangle PURE

925 Sterling silver

Necklace NANA

925 Sterling Silber

Maria, Senior Sales

ANNA expert: Haute Jewellery

That is me: I spread good humor and am always positive. For my customers at ANNA, everything is possible!

A little secret about me: I love Japan! If ANNA opens a store in Tokyo, I’m there!

Marias Favourites


18 KT Roségold

Earrings RACHEL

18 KT Rose Gold

Necklace EVE

18 KT Roségold

Necklace FRANKIE

925 Sterling Silver

Sarah, Senior Sales

ANNA expert: Engagement rings

That is me: I love offering my customers a sincere smile and the jewellery of ANNA! Positivity and joy – that’s the ANNA spirit I try to embody!

A little secret about me: I have secret tattoos...

Sarahs Favourites

Earrings DONUT 25mm

18 KT Roségold


18 KT Rose Gold

Necklace LEONA

18 KT Roségold

Bracelet NANA

18 KT Roségold