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Expressive & Inspiring

Our handcrafted masterpiece

Since the very beginning, the ANNA DOLL has been a unique icon found in all our ANNA stores. Her appearance is extravagant, some might even say 'majestic', while maintaining an air of elegance and playfulness. Manufactured in our tailor's atelier in the heart of Vienna.

Quality-conscious and detail-oriented, the ANNA DOLL only sees the finest materials such as silk, linen and lace, are used in it's production. Layer by layer, pleat by pleat - the petticoats are created from 30 meters of fabric, requiring up to 15 hours of handwork. Precious stitchings coioled with playful ribbons and many additional finishing touches are done individually for each dress with love and dedication.

Each ANNA DOLL is unique and the ANNA DOLL can also find a home with you, becoming a premier piece of decor. Simply request a color and design and we'll make an ANNA DOLL that fits perfectly to your home.

The purchase of an ANNA DOLL also includes a bust and stand. Additionally included are three petticoats.

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