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A collaboration between ANNA X THE URANIAN APPROACH

Let’s play with the stars

Your stars are aligned

ANNA and the Uranian Rabbit want to pluck the stars from the sky and make you shine brightly. Discover your astrological signature: Sun, Moon, and Rising Sign - which comprise a large part of your personality.

With the radiant ZODIAC jewelry, you'll carry the constellation of your zodiac sign - your sun with you always. Personalize the rear side of your ZODIAC pendant with this stunning piece!

Calculate your moon sign and ascendant with the Astro Chart Calculator and carry your "BIG 3" with you always.

Star Astrologer Berit Freutel

Berit Freutel is team Uranian Rabbit. Berit is an astrologer living and working in Los Angeles with a lot of love for Vienna. She has created the astro artwork, the cards explaining the "BIG 3," and designed the glyphs for your talisman, so you can embark on your astrological journey.

My mission is to spread this incredible tool of astrology. When I look at the stars, they inspire me to create something beautiful. I am fascinated by the art of interpreting astrological symbols and diving into another universe from the fashion world where I have lived for so long.

Berit Freutel

your astrological signature

You will receive your personal astrological card set with a description of your three signs in a uniquely designed case with every order of your 'BIG 3'.

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