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ANNA x The Uranian Approach

Allow us to introduce the Uranian Rabbit, hailing straight from Uranus to share some astrology with you. With their forces united, ANNA and the Uranian Rabbit want to pluck the stars from the sky and make you shine brightly. Discover your astrological signature: Sun, Moon, and Rising Sign - which comprise a large part of your personality.

Your personal Talisman

With our chart calculator you can easily calculate the so-called “BIG 3”. ANNA engraves these three symbols for you on your individual ZODIAC pendant and creates your talisman. Your zodiac sign, also known as the “sun”, shines on the front of the pendant. The back will be engraved with the symbols of your moon sign and ascendant.
You will receive your personal astrological card set with a description of your three signs in a uniquely designed case with every order of your 'BIG 3'.

Explore your free birth chart with the birth chart calculator .

At birth, your celestial slot machine finally cashes out. You stare at a set of zodiacal symbols - The "BIG 3" (Sun, Moon, and Rising Sign), which make up a significant part of your personality. Astrology helps get you in touch with these energies.
Think of your Sun sign as your brightest light. It's your core personality, what you embody, your essential character. It's also what you strive to be, your drive to shine, your purpose on earth, what you're learning, and where you're going.
The Moon is who you are at the deepest level. It's your private, emotional self behind closed doors, your sanctuary and safety. The moon also represents our core needs and is responsible for making final decisions. We experience it as our most instinctual reaction. Making your moon happy is half the battle.
Your Rising Sign or Ascendant is your style. It's how you enter the world, approach life, and experience it. The rising sign is the first impression you make on others and how you naturally react to and take in new people, situations, and environments. Call it a filter.


Berit Freutel is team Uranian Rabbit. Berit is an astrologer living and working in Los Angeles with a lot of love for Vienna. She has created the astro artwork, the cards explaining the "BIG 3," and designed the glyphs for your talisman, so you can embark on your astrological journey. "My mission is to spread this incredible tool of astrology. When I look at the stars, they inspire me to create something beautiful. I am fascinated by the art of interpreting astrological symbols and diving into another universe from the fashion world where I have lived for so long. I want to recognize our inner core and beautify the soul. I think the world would be better if we gave more space to the stars. I hope I'm not alone in this. With our "BIG 3" collection, ANNA and I would like to inspire others to go on an inner journey - and to discover the stars within. And then: let your stars shine and sparkle brightly.

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