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Description & Details
ANNA knows jewelry is made to be your loyal companion and daily dose of sparkle, but your charms could use a little tender loving care. Our ANNA JEWELRY TRAY made of finest Dibbern porcelain offers your gold pieces a little R&R with a 16 x 16 cm sanctuary where they can unwind and decompress. What’s more, is our tray is an expert at adding a little luxury to any room, making it the perfect accessory for both your jewelry and home.
Diamond cut:
Diamond Color:
Diamond Clarity:
Dimensions: 16 x 16 cm
Band length:
Chain length:
Length adjustable:
Maximum length:
Minimum length:

Material: Porcelain

Care instructions

In order to enjoy your ANNA x Dibbern Fine Bone China for a longer period, please observe the following when placing these items in the dishwasher:

  • ensure that the water hardness setting conforms to the sensitivity of these products.
  • ensure that acidic food residues are removed shortly before placing these items in the dishwasher (rinse briefly before loading).
  • refrain from overloading rinsing baskets. Ensure that plate holders are undamaged and do not bend.
  • select a gentle dishwashing liquid. We additionally recommend filling loose powders, rinse aids, and salts separately.

The use of detergent, salts, and rinse aids should be adjusted according to the water hardness and degree of food residues. Good rinsing results are achieved solely by the optimal interaction between the cleaner components. The decor’s luminosity and surface sheen may be tarnished or damaged should the incorrect application of liquid detergents and cleaners be applied on a permanent basis. Overuse of rinse aids can leave drain marks on the porcelain and when refilling, remove excess rinse aid in a rinse cycle without refilling. Occasionally cleaning the dishwasher is without rinse aid is additionally advisable.

X Not for microwave use.

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