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Even more space for our beautiful treasures is underway!

Munich, where not one but two ANNA stores can be found in the storied city. One sits regally at the historic Sebastiansplatz and the other finds itself on Munich’s hip Maximilianstraße. The latter is undergoing a bit of beautification and has remained closed for the last few weeks. ANNA’s Maximilianstraße location is not only being thoroughly remodeled but expanded to house an even wider array of ANNA treasures and trinkets. Here's a little taste of what you can expect after the reopening slated for the end of 2023, and what prompted us to undertake this very special upgrade.
The vision behind our recent remodeling

If you’ve ever found yourself perusing through ANNA’s charms on Maximilianstraße, you might have asked yourself: Why exactly are they doing any sort of renovations here? Well, a strong desire to expand the sales floor became the primary motivator in redoing the store’s interior and we decided that if we’re going to close the store, we’re going to embark upon some serious remodeling. So, we’re tearing down the walls, ripping out some of the older doors, and creating even more space for our shimmering treasures to bestow customers a hefty amount of shine. But wait – there’s even more going on. In addition to expanding the sales floor, a new, never-before-seen design concept at ANNA is in the works and will surely emphasize the unique flair of our Maximilianstraße store.

Wider selection & Munich-only products

The addition of space affords us the opportunity to both increase the selection of jewelry we can offer our customers in general, while additionally providing you pieces available at Maximilianstraße and only at Maximilianstraße. We’re extremely excited to showcase the unique diversity of all our products on our brand new sales floor, and to create a place that leaves nothing to be desired.

Our remodeling is now in full swing and we can't wait to present the results to you, our beloved customers. We don't want to give too much away just yet, but with this store, we plan to set the bar even higher concerning your shopping experience at ANNA.

More space also means a need for more sales staff. If you know anyone who might be the perfect fit for ANNA, or if you would like to become part of the ANNA team yourself, we look forward to receiving your applications. Here, you can find more information about available positions in Munich and how to apply: Careers at ANNA

Stay tuned for further updates regarding the official reopening and until then, our team at the ANNA STORE Sebastiansplatz is looking forward to your visit.

All the best, ANNA & your team from Munich 🤍