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Timeless Tradition in a New Light

A romantic gesture after the wedding, with a history full of meaning: The morning gift is a symbol of mutual appreciation and the promise of a future together. It offers a wonderful opportunity to express deep connection and love. A special piece of jewelry is meant to bring good fortune to the marriage. Here you will find out everything you need to know about it.

Where does the tradition of the morning gift come from?

The practice of giving a morning gift dates back to ancient Rome and has since spread across many cultures around the world. Initially, it was meant as a monetary gift to provide the bride with financial security should the groom pass away prematurely. Today, the morning gift is a gesture of appreciation meant to symbolize the connection and respect between the spouses. Unlike in the past, the morning gift can nowadays be exchanged mutually.

When is the morning gift given?

What could be more beautiful than being awakened by the glow of a special piece of jewelry? As the name already suggests, the morning gift is traditionally given in the morning following the wedding night. This can be either right after waking up or during a shared breakfast, as there are no specific rules for this. However, the most important aspect is to cherish this time together, as it marks the beginning of a new chapter and symbolizes endless support.

What type of jewelry is particularly suitable as a morning gift?

Choosing a morning gift is a deeply personal choice. Nevertheless, there are certain pieces of jewelry that are especially a popular choice. diamonds definitely play a leading role here. After all, it is renowned as the world’s most treasured and sought-after gemstone, symbolizing everlasting love. The specific type of jewelry you choose to give is entirely up to you. From classic stud earrings to diamond-studded bangles – the options are limitless. To make your choice easier, here you will find a selection of timeless jewelry with diamonds.