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Exclusive dinner with ANNA

Customers worldwide have been enjoying ANNA's radiant and spectacular jewelry for upwards of ten years now. This story's origins trace back to the woman herself, Anna and her persistent belief in her ability to make her own dreams and the dreams of others come true. But Anna wasn't the only woman to help realize this dream: Anna has enjoyed the support of numerous women, many of whom are customers and even friends. Their loyalty to Anna and the brand has helped create the most precious of memories even since its most humble beginnings.
On Friday 13.05.22, a particularly auspicious day for ANNA, we hosted an exclusive dinner with the woman herself for a select number of these ANNAverse women. In the heart of Vienna, not too far from the ANNA Atelier, our honored guests spent a relaxed evening enjoying the impressive view of Vienna's renowned St. Stephen's Cathedral. The group reflected upon ANNA's founding, the exciting development of the brand, and were treated to warm gestures of gratitude. Anna earnestly thanked all the women who have loved our jewelry and supported us with utmost enthusiasm and devotion since ANNA's inception.
A wide array of beaming faces complemented the shimmering ANNA pieces: sparkling necklaces, shimmering earrings, brilliant braces, and radiant rings adorned our esteemed guests and much of the combinations left us speechless and amazed. It fills us with immense joy and humbles us with gratitude to see and feel with how much love our jewelry is worn and just how many feelings are dedicated to it.
Inspiring women with unique styles and varied looks were all united in their enthusiasm for jewelry and the superior quality for which ANNA stands. The evening was a smashing success and emphasized belief in oneself and the need to carry positive things into the world with good deeds and vibrant energy, something entirely in tune with the ANNA philosophy. This was our first ANNAverse dinner, a gesture of appreciation for our clients and a rewarding reminder of all the work we've done. To be continued!

Your ANNA Team