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Interview with our designer & founder ANNA

On International Women's Day on March 8, we celebrate the strength, courage, and tireless power of women. In an interview, ANNA, our founder, and designer, shares her thoughts on strong women, her inspirations and her journey to success and self-realization.

Her words are a tribute to the women who have shaped her, as well as to the unwavering determination that empowers every woman to achieve her dreams. Dive into the world of ANNA - a woman shaped by the support and admiration of other women, as somebody who firmly believes that every woman should live her life with optimism and fearlessness.

Which women have particularly inspired and supported you?

ANNA: Many women have accompanied and inspired me on my journey, beginning from my loyal customers who not only value my products but also support my vision, to my former mothers-in-law who shared important life lessons with me based on their wisdom and experience. But also, my best friends have strengthened me and stood by me in difficult times. I feel blessed to be surrounded by so many incredibly strong, creative, and unique women. Each one has significantly shaped and fostered my self-esteem. I am very grateful for all these people in my life.

Are there any female role models that you have?

ANNA: Oh yes, definitely. One of my closest friends is a huge role model for me. She is 72 years old and to me, she embodies the essence of coolness and wisdom. Her lifestyle, her unique sense of fashion and above all, her way of looking at life deeply inspire me. Every conversation with her is like diving into a web of new perspectives and discoveries. I admire her and learn from her life experiences endlessly. Although not only her, but every woman around me is also a source of incredible energy and inspiration, as every single one has her own facets that inspire me in their own way.

However, when I was 14 years old, my cousin Liliana especially inspired me. She was somehow different from the women who surrounded me at that point in time, which I admired. Her individuality and strength fascinated me because she went her own way without being bound by conventions.

What advice would you give to a young woman?

ANNA: My advice to young women would be quite clear: Ask yourself what truly fulfills you and brings you joy. Follow your heart consistently! Trust your dreams, but also be ready to actively fight for them and take risks. Since at the end of the day, even if you fail, it's not a reason to despair. Every failure carries valuable lessons and is part of the path to success. Be brave and daring, because only then can you truly discover what you can achieve in life. Create order in your life by setting priorities and making room for what truly matters to you. Only when you rid yourself of unnecessary baggage can you recognize what your heart truly beats for.

What does working with women mean to you?

ANNA: Collaborating with women is like working together within a family. There's a natural connection and a deep understanding of each other that facilitates and enriches such a collaboration. Women have the exceptional ability to read between the lines and perceive subtle nuances, which helps to avoid misunderstandings and reduce the work process. The admiration and mutual support I receive from the women surrounding me give me incredible energy and motivation to do my best. Their emotional sensitivity and empathy enrich the work we do together in various ways and enable us to achieve extraordinary results as a team.

What is your greatest superpower as a woman?

ANNA: My greatest superpower as a woman? That's a difficult question... I would say that my employees could assess that better. Yet when I think about it, I would say that my authenticity and directness are my greatest strengths. I don't waste time on superficial games and always stand firm in my convictions. I believe it's important to be honest and transparent, both with myself and with others. This mindset has helped me progress in my professional and personal life, shaping me into the woman I am today.

International Women's Day is all about women, but I know how important this person is to you. What role does your husband play in your life?

ANNA: My husband was the first person to believe in me and my entrepreneurial abilities. His unwavering support and belief in me have given me the necessary motivation and confidence to pursue my entrepreneurial goals. He is my biggest advocate and gives me the space to take the spotlight while he gracefully operates in the background. He is someone who believes in women's power – a belief he inherited from his mother. I believe behind every strong woman, there is also room for a great partner.

Thank you, ANNA, for this wonderful interview and your openness!

The following lines are not meant to be a superficial flattery to our management but are sincerely heartfelt: You are an extraordinary woman whose tireless dedication and creative vision impress us daily. Your trust in us inspires us to exceed ourselves and to continuously evolve. Thank you for leading us, your team, by example, encouraging us to have courage, to stay true to ourselves and to faithfully follow our own path.

HAPPY WORLD WOMEN'S DAY! Your ANNA & her team of gorgeous women 🤍