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Gemstones and their symbolic meaning

Jewelry is so much more than a pretty face. We at ANNA are deeply invested in the power these personal talismans provide each wearer over time. Our passion for the benefits jewelry can bring is reflected in the immense and intricate details of our pieces. Discover the ability to attract, the power to protect and revitalize, and capture an incomparable aura through our luminous gemstones and stunning jewelry. Allow their energy to entrance and unfold with each wear!

White diamond - A piece of eternity

The white diamond is the most precious gemstone in the world and as such, carries with it unrivaled fame and popularity. Owing to its pure radiance, it has become the undisputed symbol of eternal devotion allowing it to strengthen the bond between lovers. It bestows vitality to its wearers and according to ancient legends, is said to make them impervious to negative energies.

Emerald - Green like hope

The color green often imparts visions of sprouting flora, blossoming flowers, budding trees, and lush landscapes. Green instills feelings of growth, development, and hope. The gleaming green energy of the emerald captivates instantly with its luminous glow and has long since been considered a symbol of beauty. Its standing as one of the most precious gemstones results from its dense auras of faith and harmony based firmly in its verdant hues. Never limited in its capacity to enrich, the shimmering green emanations of this stone provide a healing effect and ward off negative influences. Since the emerald is naturally soft in composition and pressure-sensitive stone, caution is advised when wearing it.

Sapphire - Deep as the sea

A deep, easily recognizable blue hue has long made the sapphire a gemstone with incomparable energy. Many cultures have revered the sapphire and have attributed calm and soothing energies to it for centuries. A shimmering symbol of wealth and wisdom, the sapphire imbues its bearers with prosperity and tranquility.

Brown diamond - Symbol of freedom

The brown diamond, or as it is occasionally known, the champagne diamond, serves its namesake justice. Refined, light, and for those with urbane tastes, a brown diamond is meant to help its wearer celebrate and accentuate all that makes them unique. A piece of jewelry set with brown diamonds should always remind you of your independence and strengthen your sense of freedom, while enhancing and adding auras of affection and appreciation for yourself and those around you. Cheers to that!

Blue diamond - The jewel of kings

All blue diamonds exude rarity, but those with a particularly strong shade can boast even more novelty. Prestige is the primary characteristic of this glimmering gemstone, as its unique color has often been used by royal families around the world. Blue diamonds additionally carry with them healing auras that serve to boost wearers' beauty, charm, vitality.

Black diamond - Magical attraction

Heavy on the mystique, this special gemstone is said to carry certain magic that affords its wearer enduring courage and deep, spiritual protection against the forces of evil. Mysteries surround the black diamond's origins and influences, but one thing is for certain: it provides those lucky enough to possess its beauty with exceptional individuality.

Ruby - Elixir of Passion

Glowing and sensual, like a flame burning for eternity. The ruby triggers within us primal and dramatic energy. Its blood-red hue emanates vitality and life's essence making its wearers' shine both graceful and intense. Movement, drive, energy, and strength are all held firmly within this gemstone's grasp.

Rose Quartz - The heart stone

With its delicate shading, the rose quartz represents romance, sensitivity, and opens the heart, paving the way for crucial connections to both others and oneself. This stunning gemstone is a stalwart symbol of new beginnings and serves as an excellent source of healing for anguish and heartbreak. A soft, balanced aura bestows upon each wearer a sense of loving serenity and hopeful optimism.

Turquoise - Optimism and verve

Turquoise is one of the oldest gemstones on Earth and garners its name from its mesmerizing blue-green coloring. Unlike any other, this gemstone stands for joie de vivre, vitality, and positive energies. It is considered a talisman, protecting against mischief and provides its wearers with a confident and serendipitous aura.

Morganite - Delicate romance

A resolute symbol of love and romance burnished in pink, the morganite is characterized by a delicate, translucent shine, which spares nothing in its ability to enchant. All those who possess the morganite are said to have been granted a deep serenity that affords an exceptional lightness of being. Honest, clear, and exceptionally tranquil, the morganite romances and pursues onlookers with grace and subtlety.

Pyrite - Reflection and cognition

Reflection and awareness. Pyrites are often used in acquiring self-knowledge and reflection. Look deep into your inner self and explore your vigor, vitality, flaws, memories, and future paths with pyrite as your guide. See yourself bathed in a new glow and achieve the courage and confidence necessary to steer your destiny.

Chromium Diopside - Green energy provider

The chrome diopside is a highly sought-after gemstone, one which captivates with its incomparable green glow. This stunning gemstone stimulates the mind and provides more vitality, harmony, and exuberance each and every day. If you're looking to add that extra dose of creative and a balanced distribution of positive energy, look no further than chromium diopside!

Lapis lazuli - Healing soul stone

As the regal stone of kings, blue lapis lazuli promotes sincerity and improves one's own credibility. By enhancing positive energies, lapis lazuli thwarts depression, anxiety, and mental barriers while additionally promoting rich concentration and intuition. With the help of its deep blue glow, wearers capture transcendent shine and edifying energies.

Apatite - Companions on new paths

The radiant blue apatite represents broad-mindedness, sociability, and observance. This lustrous stone imbues its wearer with powerful momentum and motivation as it is a natural source of life energy, affording you the courage to embark upon new journeys and the optimism to see each one of them through.

Carnelian - Life stone of the courageous

A carnelian immediately catches the eye with its intense interplay of impassioned red. Symbolizing drive and ambition, this exceptional stone grants its wearers unadulterated joy and determination. The warm nuances of carnelians help us say 'yes' to all opportunities in life by lifting our mood and enhancing our dedication, courage, and zeal. A true source of strength for all those needing the optimism and conviction to realize their destiny!

Prehnite - Protects the protectors

Prehnite is typically a delicate pastel-green stone said to have a unique spiritual effect. A stone reputed to confer spiritual rewards to those who assist others, the Prehnite has an apparent karmic nature. Having a detoxifying effect on the soul, Prehnite additionally increases self-perception and awareness of one's environment.

Iolite - Blue like the sun

The blue iolite reveals fascinating facets of its color when viewed from varying angles. As a result, it is often referred to as the gemstone of clear vision. Should you wish to walk through sunnier pastures throughout your life, the iolite is an indispensable talisman, as it naturally draws in sunlight allowing each wearer to capture rays upon rays of shine.

Garnet - Badge of constancy

Garnet is a deep red gemstone with an exceptionally durable structure it tends to pass on to those lucky enough to own it. Providing sought after willpower and stalwart support to friends and partnerships, this protective stone strengthens crucial connections in life and is a meaningful gift for those wishing to signify cohesion and unity.

Spinel - Black protective shield

The deep, obsidian glow of the lustrous spinel provides courage, buoyancy, and promotes confidence in the face of hardship and misfortune. Spinel helps facilitate change, turning fear into opportunity and is faithful in its accordance of vitality, optimism, and captivating radiance.

Labradorite - Magical variety of colors

Alternating shades of blue and delicate honey hues begin to cast their spell at first glance. A Labradorite's variety of colors encourages creative thinking and stimulates the imagination, while promoting ingenuity through new dimensions of perception.

Amethyst - Clear thoughts

An amethyst emanates hues of fascinating violet or alluring green and its effects are known to be deeply soothing. Peace and balance are bestowed to both body and soul when wearing this precious stone and is said to strengthen focus and provide confidence in trusting one's own intuition.

Aquamarine - stunning ocean hues

Aquamarine entices with its beautiful ocean blues that vary in their intensity. This gemstone symbolizes spiritual growth and serves as a vital stone of protection. Aquamarine grants its wearers robust auras of positivity and the energy to pursue one's goals in the face of adversity

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