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The perfect cut

Diamond lovers are well aware the most precious of all gemstones vary greatly in detail and quality and always adhere to the four C's: cut, clarity, color, and carat. Perhaps most exciting and apparent of these four C's is a diamonds cut, or shape. The cut imbues each diamond with a unique appearance resulting from the gem's distinct angles, symmetries, and proportions, all of which provide a specific interplay with light.
So, if you're in the process of designing your dream engagement ring or are considering another special piece of jewelry, you should think carefully about which shape appeals to you the most. A diamond is a long-term investment that should also reflect the unique personality and individuality of each wearer. Have a look at our overview below so that you're able to choose the absolute perfect diamond for you!

Brilliant Cut

The Brilliant Cut is probably the most renowned of the diamond cuts. Due to its star-shaped facet arrangement and the resulting refraction of light, this cut creates a hypnotizing sparkle. It’s no wonder the French term "brillant" means "shining" in German. The round cut features an impressive array of 56 facets in total.

Emerald Cut - ANNA's Favourite

Originally, the emerald cut was primarily used for emerald gemstones, hence the name of this particular cut. It has finely defined corners and a wide, flat table that resembles stair treads when viewed from above, resulting in the aptly titled "stair cut." style The Emerald Cut typically consists of 57 facets, although the number of rows of facets can vary.

Cushion Cut

As the name suggests, the cushion cut is a square or rectangular cut with rounded corners that resemble a pillow. The cushion cut is usually cut with 58 facets, all of which are particularly small and make the diamond appear softer.

Princess Cut

The princess cut is a square version of the brilliant cut diamond. When seen from above, a square shape can be observed. When viewed from the side, it resembles an inverted pyramid. With 57 or 76 facets, this cut is one of the most popular and is often used for engagement rings.

Asscher Cut

An Asscher cut diamond is comparable to the aforementioned emerald cut, one which also has 57 facets. The difference lines in the Asscher cut’s square, not rectangular appearance. This shape is both unique and rare, emphasizing both the clarity and quality of the stone.

Heart Shape

A rare cut with symbolic power and emotional impact, Heart Cut diamonds are fabricated in a heart shape with brilliant cut facets. Heart Cuts are easily combined with varying diamond shapes, but its own characteristic shape makes it perfect as a solitary beauty. A distinctive diamond exuding pure love.

Baguette Cut

The baguette cut is fashioned in a rectangular shape, one which is characterized by its flattened corners. This noble, majestic cut is available in a variety of facets. Today, 14 facets are particularly popular.

Pear Shape

The pear shape is a unique combination of the brilliance and classic style exemplified by the round brilliant cut and the marquise cut, giving the diamond a pointed end and a round end. The stone usually consists of 58 facets.

Trillion Cut

The term trillion is the general term for all triangular brilliant cuts with three sides of equal length. The unique "trillion" cut provides the stone with an unmistakable presence and sharp brilliance.

Radiant Cut

The Radiant is a unique hybrid cut of the Emerald and Brilliant Cut endowed with 70 facets. This shape is a variation of the square princess cut, but unlike the princess cut, the corners of the Radiant are Emerald style and do not taper to a point. The refined corners are the distinguish the Radiant among its peers.

Oval Cut

The oval cut is a popular and timeless cut. In addition to its elegance and simplicity, the significant popularity of the oval cut is due to its elongated shape and impeccable symmetry. These aspects of the Oval often make such gemstones appear slightly larger than those of the same weight in other cuts.

Rose Cut

The Rose Cut is also referred to as the ‘Old Cut’ due to various antique baroque jewelry pieces being fabricated from Rose Cut diamonds. Owing to the fewer number of facets, the diamond appears particularly large and voluminous. An additional unique feature is its flat shape, as gemstones in this cut do not have a table and therefore, no lower portion.

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