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Eternity begins with a ring

We’d like to use our blog to share an incomparable moment representing love, life, and the journey these two things combined offers. Sit back, relax, and be prepared to have the old heartstrings pulled. We’d like to thank Phil and Anne, loyal customers at ANNA in Hamburg for allowing us to become a character in their amazing story.
Good preparation makes a good proposal. No? Well, if this is indeed the case, Phil had certainly done his homework. Phil visited us with the intent of creating the most perfect engagement for his bride to be (unbeknownst to her), Anne. He sought out our ANNA experts for some professional advice and shared a few ideas of his own. Anne is a true ANNA-lover and owns a variety of pieces from our collection. Phil knew he had come to the right place. After some brainstorming, the two parties decided something timeless in rose gold would suit her profile and match perfectly with the jewelry in her existing collection. A filigree ring rail, much like that found in our exquisite UNITY ring model was chosen and rounded out by the climax of this whole piece: a white diamond set by four delicate prongs. Shortly thereafter, this engagement ring in the making was shipped off to our Vienna workshop to be fabricated with the utmost care and devotion. Once complete, this beauty was ready for the final leg of its journey.
As we mentioned above, preparation is key in a proposal and Phil was far from finished. He would pop the question on the famous ‘Orient Express’, a train that boasts some of the most breathtaking views and exquisite experiences between Venice and the city of love itself, Paris.! Upon reaching a predetermined destination, Phil revealed the ring over a glass of bubbly and magnificent visions of the city through the window. Time stopped and the two captured a moment in eternity. Two lovers, one question, one engagement ring and the rest is history... or future, should we say? :) We wish these two lovebirds all the best from the very bottom of our hearts and are honored to be a part of this beautiful story

Your ANNA Team