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Where it all began...

Our new ANNA Keypieces Store in Vienna

Stroll along the Seilergasse and you’ll come across quite the influential address: Seilergasse 19, 1010 Vienna. Many ANNA fans will know the story behind this fateful set of numbers, as many years ago when ANNA first opened its doors, these 8 square meters were where it all began. Opening the first ANNA location filled us with pride and instilled in us an unbreakable and vigorous hope that future was limitless.

Today, 11 years, 8 stores, and some minor renovations later, it makes us immensely grateful to reopen this location as the world's first ANNA Keypieces Store. As the name suggests, this store is home to our series of exclusive ANNA Keypieces, all of which bear our creative signature and are manufactured with the utmost care and quality. So, get acquainted with these stunning highlights, some of which you can only explore here!


You can’t have Keypieces without our keychain. Looking to open some new doors? These customizable keychains fabricated from superior stainless steel and adorned with the ANNA Signature Star are the perfect accessory to do just that! Both engravable and adjustable (add a personalized pendant as desired).


Wool outside, silk inside. This timeless jacket is designed and sewn at our in-house workshop in Vienna's first district. All parts are both handcut and sewn delicately, with fine hand stitching on the sleeves and back bringing together all the fine details beautifully. Catch one on display at our new store, as ARISHA is made specifically and exclusively upon request. You can’t rush perfection, so please give ARISHA five weeks to get itself together.


One of our faves, COLETTE is a sophisticated statement collar sure to take your entire outfit on a style journey. It all depends how you choose to feature her! Fashioned from the finest cotton and complete with a super comfortable feel owing to an individual tying option around the waist, COLETTE is both versatile and easy-going. Choose between the classic white collar or the hand-embroidered model with hearts, stars, or eyelashes at our ANNA Keypieces Store


Gustav’s airy white, relaxed silhouette is made of 100% cotton and its dropped shoulders complete with handwoven balloon sleeves, give the shirt a subtle, stylish touch. GUSTAV's face is double-layered and opaque offering stunning elaborate hand-embroidered details at the neckline, sleeve seam, and cuff. An open back, held together playfully by French stitches exudes the trademark ANNA charm. Thread ribbons through slits in the side seams and tie the blouse according to your mood! With GUSTAV, you'll bring a touch of summery lightness into your wardrobe.

BOSTON Cap & LONDON Bucket Hat

Made of precious cashmere and the finest wool, BOSTON and LONDON’s impressive workmanship and high-quality materials marry a stylish accessory with timeless design. These casual, elegant, and sporty accessories have everything, so let the mood strike you and complete any outfit with style savvy. A handstitched design makes this piece immediately recognizable as an ANNA original and an absolute must-have.


This piece has a very special place in ANNA's heart. KISSA, the delicate cat, is a unique, hand-sewn doll bearing a lot of love. A symbol of the inner child that dwells within all of us, the kitten within the lioness, KISSA is certainly a creation to behold. Each aspect of KISSA is the result of diligent and precise handcraftsmanship fabricated from the finest cotton or linen. The delicate intricacies of the hand-sewn miniature collar, the delightful, puffed sleeves, the meticulously draped underskirt, and every gossamer eyelash are just a fraction of the work put into this amazing doll. The precious jewelry, such as the slight chain and hand-piercing are made of silver and have been dutifully polished. Due to the special nature of this doll and the unique effort put into KISSA, production has been limited to ten pieces.

TABLEWARE Collection

Explore our refined TABLEWARE collection at our new store and turn any table into the table. TABLEWARE collection. Fabricated from the finest Dibbern porcelain and Lobmeyr muslin glass, our luxury tableware is nothing if not expertly made. Traditional craftsmanship coupled with the unmistakable ANNA Signature Star is sure to enchant every tabletop with elegance and charm. It fills us with immense joy and gratitude to open a store associated with so much love, and one that allows us to share the ANNA spirit! Inspire yourself at our Keypieces location!

All the best and see you soon, 

Your Team ANNA

ANNA Keypieces Store
Seilergasse 19
1010 Vienna