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The right care for your ANNA jewelry.


The right care for your ANNA jewelry. If you’d like your ANNA jewelry to sustain its sparkle, a little tender-loving-care is all that’s necessary. Below, we share with you a few of our most essential care tips and how best to store your jewelry.


The most detrimental agents to a pearl’s health are sweat, perfume, alcohol, and all other acids, chemicals, and dirt. A pearl doesn’t particularly enjoy excessive heat or too much sunbathing, as this could result in tarnishing. Pearls are fairly independent and thoroughly enjoy their alone time. Store them separately from other jewelry in a cloth bag to prevent damage.


Silver isn’t always looking for a breath of fresh air. In fact, prolonged exposure to it can oxidize silver resulting in unwanted tarnish. Your silver is also a natural beauty that prefers to avoid too much makeup and excessive cosmetics. Chlorine and sweat are also agents that can cause tarnishing. Silver is a sensitive beauty and can easily scratch. Polishing silver can help it retain all that stunning sheen and shine. Caring and cleaning silver is a cinch with special cleaning cloths, baths, or pastes. When not wearing your silver, place it in a proper case and store safely.


ANNA gold jewelry is fabricated from superior 18 karat rose and white gold. Perspiration and additional external agents can yellow the character of the copper content in rose gold. Not to worry, though! Gold plating in our workshop can restore your jewelry to its original splendor, and even white gold with a dull, flat appearance can once again glimmer and glow.


An emerald’s beguiling glow is unmistakable. Keeping this sophisticated stone radiant and pure requires specific care. It is vital that an emerald not be worn excessively. Remove this treasure when sleeping, showering, or exercising to maintain this delicate gem’s integrity. Use a damp cloth to gently clean your jewelry. Intensifying your emerald’s shine by treating the stone with a colorless oil. This is best done by using a cotton swab to gently apply the oil. This step prevents the stone from becoming too porous or breaking from repeated exposure to unwanted elements. Running water, chemical agents, and ultrasonic cleaning which utilizes excessive temperatures should be additionally avoided when caring for your emerald.


Diamonds being the hardest of all precious stones have etched this king of gemstones into eternity. Nothing lasts like a diamond. Nevertheless, diamonds too need a little bit of love and nuturing. Hard impact or severe temperature changes may cause a diamond to crack, splinter, or break entirely. It’s best to take off your diamond studded jewelry when doing housework or exercising. Household cleaners and creams have been known to additionally reduce its luster. If your diamond has seen better days, don’t fret! An ultrasonic cleaning at one of our stars is sure to give your diamond a dose of extreme dazzle and bring it back to form once more.

Much like you, your ANNA is jewelry is something exceptional and exquisite. Also like you, your ANNA treasures could use a little shut-eye in the evening. Place your jewelry into a proper case or similar storage securely. In the morning, they’ll be fresh as a daisy and ready to accompany you on all your new adventures.