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We would like to brighten up your time until Christmas...

ANNAVERSE - Advent Calendar

Reach the stars - with our ANNAVERSE Advent Calendar!

We happen to believe that anticipation is simply the greatest joy there is. And so, we'd like to spoil you a bit before Christmas!

We have prepared an ensemble of four exceptional surprises for our loyal ANNAVERSE members. Each Advent Sunday, a new perk will be made available to you lucky members on your ANNAVERSE customer account customer account. We're certain these gifts are sure to fulfill many a Christmas wish.

✨ 1. ADVENT-benefit: 10% Voucher for RINGS - 11/27/22 to 12/03/22

💫 2. ADVENT-benefit: 10% Voucher for NECKLACES - 12/04/22 to 12/10/22

✨ 3. ADVENT-benefit: 10% Voucher for WRISTBANDS & BANGLES - 12/11/22 to 12/17/22

💫 4. ADVENT-benefit: 10% Voucher for EARRINGS & PENDANTS - 12/18/22 to 12/24/22

Not yet a member?
Join now our ANNAVERSE so you don't miss out on any of these 4, fabulous Advent benefits and have something to look forward to each Advent Sunday! How to become a member and further information about the ANNAVERSE - the members only club can be found here.

Note: if you become a member after November, 27th, 2022 you will always receive the Advent benefit that is currently valid, including all future Advent benefits at the specific date. No Advent benefits will be issued retrospectively.

Already a member?
Well done! You'll receive an email on each Advent-Sunday when your Advent benefit is available on your ANNAVERSE  customer account.

All the best and a magical Advent season,
🎄 Your ANNA Team🎄