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A declaration of love on Valentine's Day

All about love

The day of love and romance is soon upon us! ANNA encourages you to see this Valentine’s Day as an opportunity to show yourself a little love as well.

But what do you give those who mean the most: your wife, girlfriend, husband, boyfriend, or that little treat for yourself? There are certainly the classic options, flowers, candy, and jewelry chief among them. We suggest consulting our Valentine’s Day Gift Guide for some seriously stunning options concerning the latter. Add a personal touch, inspire your loved ones, and explore our selection of unique gifts.

Gifts Complete with Dazzling Diamonds

Much like the precious time, love comes in a variety of shapes and aspects and like the diamond, it’s meant to last forever. Whether you’ve recently coupled up or have been together for a while, jewelry set without diamonds serve as the perfect symbol of love, admiration, and affection and are sure to make for the most romantic gesture on Valentine’s Day. In particular, our tennis bracelet set with diamonds is an absolute classic when it comes to celebrating a rather special anniversary.

The heart, the symbol of love

Is there any other symbol more renowned as the symbol of love than the heart itself? To keep something close to your heart. To speak from the heart. To be kind-hearted or to possess a heart of gold; the heart represents both deep connection and the language of love, a language that is most certainly universal. Explore our collection of jewelry and accessories that are certain to express your feelings without causing you to utter a word. With the heart, nothing is left unsaid.




Earring MARA 20mm   //  Necklace SOUL  //  Bracelet TENNIS SIX

Bracelet SMALL HEART  //  Pendant ADORE   //  Necklace VALENTINA 12mm

Unique Gemstones

Gemstones are more than just a pretty face and are renowned as having individual, symbolic effects. Many are said to imbue their wearers with necessary energy, while others are rumored to offer self-confidence. We believe jewelry adorned with shimmering gems are the perfect gift for the feast of love! Large or small, gemstones have the ability to say it all and when you select one that has personal value and is tailored to your individual love story, you are truly giving a unique and special gift.

Surprises in the colors of love

Be bold and give gifts in a wide array of colors! Pink, red, and purple typically represent love and romance, but let’s not forget these versatile hues come in a wide variety, many of which you can use to add subtle accents to your everyday life or to your loved one’s Valentine’s Day celebration. Explore our range of colorful products here, all of which have been created to fit any budget.

Ring ELYSE Saphir    //   Pendant ROXY   //  Bracelet CARINA

A personal and unique piece

Nothing says ‘love’ more than a gift with a personal touch. Add an engraving, one only you and your partner understand, and carry with you these special words for a lifetime. Or maybe engrave a special date, the anniversary of when you first confessed your love, or the coordinates where you two first met. Etch you love into the halls of eternity with an engraved piece. A little tip from us: what about the title of your favorite song? 

Gifts for men

Valentine’s day often lends itself to the fairer sex, but let’s not forget that men are part of love’s equation as well! Fashionable jewelry and stylish accessories should fill out your wish list when thinking of something to get your man on love day. The subtle addition of a masculine and refined piece adorned with a personalized engraving is the perfect gift your guy this Valentine’s Day.

Valentine's Day is, above all, a day to remember to appreciate love and the people in our lives. Gifts are not only for lovers, but between friends and among family members. No matter what you choose, it is important that your gift comes from the heart and shows that you have put some serious thought into giving it. A piece of jewelry chosen with affection and admiration is a beautiful way to show your feelings.

Here's to love!
Your ANNA Team ❤️